Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Back to Beautiful Bend February 16-20, 2015

Another drought year had fallen upon the state of California, and again my GoFamily packed up our minivan and made the 9 hour drive to "fairer snows," the city of Bend and Mount Bachelor Ski Area.

The drive to Bend is not an easy one.  We left our home in San Jose at precisely 536 AM and pulled into Bend at about 245 PM.  Though the drive takes you by majestic mountains and thorough forested lands, most of the points of interest are a variety of rest areas, all of which look exactly the same, and forlorn boarded up small an interesting collection of movies, books and other occupations is a must.  Also the last portion of the drive is two lanes and is shared with 18 wheelers coming at you from the opposite direction, so driving that portion in the daylight is the best choice.

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