Friday, January 18, 2013

Welcome to Go Family Go!

Welcome to GoFamilyGo!!

GoFamilyGo is all about getting the most value for your family vacation dollar while creating family memories that last a lifetime.  I’m a mom with a husband and three kids and I know as well as anyone that travel is expensive! But this is not a reason to avoid a getaway with your family.  I have been planning exciting family vacations throughout the United States for fifteen years, and none of them broke the bank.  GoFamilyGo is my way of sharing my research and experiences with my readers.  I hope that you will enjoy my posts and learn something as well!!

You will hear me talk a lot about value.  Value does not mean budget or cheap.  It may save you a lot of money to cram 5 of you in a hotel chain standard room for $69, but if you have no place to put your luggage, junior gets stepped on in the middle of the night in the sleeping bag you had to bring, and the walls are paper thin and your neighbor has a baby, you have not planned yourself a very valuable vacation.  Neither is it valuable to fly 5 family members to Hawaii, pay $500 per night for a standard room without so much as a mini fridge, and then spend your week sitting by the pool.  You can sit by a pool at home for a lot less money.  I’ll even whip you up a frou-frou drink with an umbrella in it if that would make you feel better…


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